The Mountain - Hiking and the ecosystem

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HikersThe Hiking Trails and the Skyline Drive will take you through two vastly diverse ecosystems, a lower elevation system where one might see whitetail deer, moose, bobcat, black bear, fisher cats, porcupines and a variety of hardwoods and plant life. And a higher system above 2800 feet where peregrine falcons, eagles, snowshoe hare and the Bicknell thrush where the sweet smell of balsam trees and a variety of mosses, lichens and sedges abound. 

Mount Equinox is noted as a geological natural aquifer that is responsible for replenishing ground water to the surrounding areas. The mountain is also used as a outdoor classroom for the study of various species of plants, animals and for educational purposes. Environmental impacts such as acid rain, air quality, and invasive species of plants have been studied on the mountain. 

A map of the trail network is available at the Toll House and on the summit at the north west end of the parking lot. The short trip to look out rock should not be missed, where the view of Manchester is unsurpassed. The higher elevation trails are moderate to difficult and the ecosystem is very fragile so we do ask that you stay on the marked trail and take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Camping and fires are strictly prohibited.

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